Top 5 Reasons To Use Sparco 5-Point Harness

4 comments on “Top 5 Reasons To Use Sparco 5-Point Harness

    David Lewis-Laurent

    • January 3, 2023 at 10:53 pm

    Just FYI Google around but 4/5 Point harnesses can be very dangerous without a Roll cage, proper race seat and a neck restraint. Usually a strap for your helmet so you head doesn’t fly off

    Also “Submarining” is a common danger with 4 points in head on collisions

    Joel Perrego

    • January 8, 2023 at 8:15 pm

    Are those the two inch wide straps?

    Jason Loera

    • February 4, 2023 at 8:07 am

    Are these race seatbelt harnesses universal? I just put c7 corvette seats in my Silverado so I’d like to rock that same Sparco one

    Lazy I Ranch

    • February 6, 2023 at 10:42 pm

    Thank you for this very helpful information! You can’t imagine how much I need it right now. I’m trying to decide today whether to replace the standard tensioner belts in my 18 year old Hyundai, or put in 4 pt. harnesses for driver and passenger seats.
    I never have more than one passenger, and even that’s rare. Mostly, the back seat is folded down so I have increased cargo space. I live off-grid on a 20 acre ranch on a mountain with my disabled adult son. The 12 mile drive to town is tiring, and dangerous, as it’s all one lane switchback, very twisty road built in the days of Model Ts. At least once a month a vehicle goes over the side, often killing occupants. I think this harness would not only be safer for me, it would ease fatigue and back aches to be strapped in more snuggly for those trips “down the hill”.
    I have to replace at least the driver belts as soon as possible, and I’ll have to do it myself since I have no help out here. I considered taking the belt assemblies out of a ’97 Ranger truck (part of my own private junkyard up here), but if I’m going to all this work I don’t want to use 25 year old equipment that can fail.

    ALL the belts in my car were destroyed last Wednesday.
    I know anyone reading this is wondering how that could happen, so I’ll explain. Just be warned that it’s horribly tragic and if you love dogs, you might want to stop reading this now.

    My very smart cattle dog (my best friend, ranch foreman, and my #1 co-pilot) easily opened the door and got inside (he used his nose like hands, he could escape pens, open the latch on the porch etc.), but it closed on him and he was unable to get back out. 😭
    He went everywhere with me, but there were 2 days in a row last week that I couldn’t take him because I had appointments. He hated that.
    The next morning, he must have decided that he would outsmart me, and let himself inside the car to wait for me so I’d have to take him. Unfortunately, I didn’t go anywhere that day, and as he had never done this before, I didn’t think to look for him inside the car. I found him trapped inside my car @ noon when I went to feed him and he didn’t show up. It was a hot day, so he didn’t survive.
    Before he died, he tried everything to escape, including chewing every seatbelt in the car and destroying the passenger seat down to bare metal. The driver’s seat is the only thing he didn’t destroy, because that’s where I sit. My sweet dog was thoughtful of me to his last breath.
    I’m devastated. I don’t want to even look at my car right now, but I HAVE to fix the belts because I need to go to town eventually (thankfully, I’m a prepper so there’s plenty of food here). I’m just trying to figure out the best way now to fix this.
    Thank you for your video. You never know how important this information could be to a stranger, but I guess now you do.

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