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Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloading Propellant

Blackhorn 209 Powder Description Blackhorn 209 High-Performance Muzzleloading Powder (10 oz or 5 lb containers) Blackhorn 209 muzzleloading propellant from

Goex Black Powder FF

Description Goex 2F Black Powder (Ffg) 1# Goex Black Powder is renowned for it’s superior quality and affordability. Goex FFg

Hodgdon Triple Seven T73 (FFFG) Muzzleloading Powder (1 lb Container)

Triple seven powder Description Hodgdon Triple Seven T73 (FFFG) 1# The same great powder as FFG with smaller grain size

Hodgdon Triple Seven T72 (Ff) 1#

Description The revolutionary granulated muzzle-loading propellant that cleans up with water alone. Contains no sulfur, so there are no strong

Hodgdon Pyrodex Pel 50 Cal 50 Gr (100)

Hodgdon Pyrodex Pel Description Hodgdon Pyrodex Pel 50 Cal 50 Gr (100) Additional information Weight 0.76 lbs Brand Hodgdon Powder

Hodgdon Ez Pour Funnel Cap

Description Hodgdon Ez Pour Funnel Cap for black powder reloading. Additional information Weight 0.13 lbs Brand Hodgdon Powder Product Type

Hodgdon Pyrodex Select 1# (Ff)

Pyrodex black powder Select is an enhancement of our RS grade of Pyrodex. Using RS or 2F data in a

IMR White Hots (72/Box)



Hodgdon Triple 7 5030 Pellets (100)

Description The 50/30 Pellets are designed for use in conjunction with 50/50 Pellets to tailor loads specific to a given

Swiss Black Powder 1.5F

Swiss Black Powder The Aubonne Black Powder Mill (Swiss Black Powder Factory) was founded in 1853. It is the last